About Us

What drives us
In such a competitive industry where every successful story of a new home, remodel, or addition is met with three horror stories we strive to deliver each and every promise we make to our home owners.  As any of our customers will tell you we go above and beyond every step of the way to ensure happiness and quality work done on time and on budget.  To many times contractors will give a great price to get a job and as it turns out that price is just a starting point... Not here, we name a price and stick to it.  We name a date, and stick to it.  Although we can't change the weather if a job is planned right there is ALWAYS a way to work around it.

We have spent many years building strong and lasting relationships with local contractors who have stood the test of time.  In-house I am very proud of the reliable people who work for us on a day to day basis.  Phil Antoine, our on site foreman is a well respected father of three.  Phil graduated at 18 years old from Northeastern University with a double degree.  Yes you read that right.  As any homeowner can attest his intelligence, patience and vast knowledge of all aspects of construction make him a valuable asset on any jobsite. 

I am proud to introduce myself as a builder.  I am proud to be part of an industry that gives people their dream homes or changes there existing homes to something they have always wanted.  I've taken the way I was raised, my views on how to treat people and my drive to succeed... found people with the same goals and begun a company that I believe will grow for years to come. 

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